New Trek Movie = Parallel Universe

One of the main fellas of the new Trek movie states that its 23rd Century scenes will be a parallel timeline to established TOS history.



SW Canon Quotes - Lucas on Sky and Gilroy & Filoni on Lucas

"On top of that, I think Dave knows more about Star Wars than I do! He can quickly reference things from other media, like the Star Wars books, comics, and video games, which are based on what I created but I don't actually get involved with too deeply. Dave loves them, and his knowledge gives us a better picture of this entire universe."
- George Lucas, Flanneled One, Oct. 2008 - "George Lucas: Jedis' Master", Sky.com

Frankly, this looks poorly quoted. Lucas would've had to have been reading from a script to make so many complete sentences, all without segues, tangents, or run-ons.

Here's Gilroy and Filoni on Lucas regarding the EU:

Sansweet: So you guys are pretty familiar with the comics and the novels. What happens when you present an expanded universe character who’s never really had much of a role in Star Wars? How did you come up with the idea of using Asajj Ventress as a major villain?

Gilroy: George is a fan of the comics. He would look through the comics and say, “wow, this is a really interesting character, visually. Let’s see that character.” There’s a few that I think the fans of the comics are going to love to watch the series. You’re going to see some of your favorite characters.

Filoni: We have to bring some of it in front of him too. We would work with a certain idea, and go onto Wookieepedia and print out all the pages and say, are you aware of all this material out there, and See what he wasn’t aware of and wasn’t aware of, and take what we wanted to do and try to do a version of something to keep it all together, because Star Wars has expanded so far. Every now and then you run into a Boba Fett scenario, where we didn’t know he was a clone, and the Jaster Mereel, and now he’s not, and now he’s a clone. And then we call Leland Chee and it’s his problem.