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I'm planning on a condensed version of the canon policies, since the treatises currently in use are, well, treatises. In other words, they're huge, since of course there's a lot of ground to cover when you've got to deal with folks who argue every little thing to support their pet views.

(Speaking of which, a small group of Star Wars EU-philes who loathe this author and his analysis of the Star Wars canon are seeking an old thread from TrekBBS. TrekBBS renders older posts invisible to guest/free users, and so I have the relevant posts archived right here.

It's long been linked to from the Trek canon page, though of course they don't read the canon pages. In any case, indications are that they feel it can be used in support of a personal attack, heavy in spin . . . undoubtedly almost as heavy as the mental gymnastics required for their beliefs on various canon policies.

In any case, dear reader, don't be fooled by the ever-present vitriol of the Talifan EU Completists, who will no doubt have me villified into a baby-eating neo-Nazi Al-Qaeda member. While their claims are based on personal attacks, mine are based on the extensive quotations and references which I provide you so you can see for yourself.