Majel on Gene on Trek post-Roddenberry

"Recalls Barrett: 'I was the only little voice from the original series going around the country saying, 'Give The Next Generation a chance! It's gonna be marvelous!' The other seven [original cast members] were saying, 'They can't replace us! We know you fans aren't going to tolerate this!' Well, the fans are now willing to admit they made a mistake -- so they're tolerant and willing to see what this Voyager thing is.'

And what would the maestro have thought? 'Gene reached the point where he felt he'd done enough. He was retired and was resigned to the fact [Berman] would go on without him. When Rick talked about [the possibility of] doing a third series, Gene just said, 'Go with God, I wish you well.'"

- Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Grande Dame of the Galaxy, May 1994 - "Mrs. Roddenberry Speaks Her Mind", TV Guide (May 14-20), p. 28