Neither Non-Canon Nor a Sin

I was sharing some information I had collected from the Disney Canon and someone joked that I had sinned against my opinion held since relatively shortly after the new canon was announced that it is not relevant to the Lucas universe.

I responded:

Subscribing to the Disney Canon is no more a sin than subscribing to the Expanded Universe back in the day. Indeed, one could argue it is the same thing. The problem back then was when certain people tried to claim their preference of treating the EU as Lucas canon equivalent facts as an objective fact. I demonstrably and unequivocably won that fight at CanonWars. 
Now the issue is that, just as the EU didn't resemble the Star Wars of George Lucas, so too does the new EU-filled Disney Canon not resemble it. Thus, one's options are to follow it as the next best thing to real Star Wars or to consider the matter closed. Per Disney, the Lucas canon is immovable, so obviously efforts to modify it with new [convolutiions and contradictions] are . . . well, suffice it to say that there are still two universes, in my opinion. 
Those who wish to enjoy the new Star-Wars-brand stories are welcome to them. I am going to keep doing what I have been doing for years and analyze the Star Wars story as told by George Lucas.

There will be more to come on this front, so stay tuned.


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