Pink Five and Consistency

Some have argued in the past that Lucas must consider the EU to be part of his universe's canon because he's borrowed a few things from it.

Examples include the name of the Imperial capital world "Coruscant", which Lucas decided to employ (albeit after considering alternatives) when making the prequels. The name itself came from one of Timothy Zahn's EU novels.

But in order to be consistent, those who make that claim must acknowledge another Zahn maneuver. In his recent EU book Allegiance, Zahn included a reference to the titular character from the Pink Five comedic fanfilm trilogy, as a pilot complete with her 'usual' greeting to him of "hey, guy".

Thus, consistency demands that if the EU is to be considered canon in toto because specific bits of it have been employed in the Lucas canon, then obviously the Pink Five shorts ought to be argued as being EU-level canon.

(Of course the canon issue is quite settled in regards to the Star Wars films versus the Expanded Universe, but this little tidbit was just too rich to ignore.)