Star Wars Canon Challenge

Dear EU Completist readers (especially ones from SDN), and movie purists too:

Now that Lucas, Rostoni, and even Chee (see last post) are all on the same bandwagon, stating that there are two separate continuities for Star Wars (a fact demonstrated and an opinion maintained by this author for years), I would like for you to join me in a little experiment:

1. Will you concede that there is more than one continuity, and that your opponents (purists in the case of EU completists and vice versa) are not evil, but were instead just as confused as you?

2. A certain angry segment of EU completists have attacked the dual-canon position with great bluster and vitriol. If you're one of them, will you now concede that it is at least generally correct?

3. Given that there are two continuities, can you explain to me why, in discussing or analyzing 'facts' about Star Wars, one should select the EU version of Star Wars over the Lucas films by default, and not the other way around?

Thanks in advance.