Announcing the Retirement of CanonWars.com

Hello to all, and thank you for reading.

After a decade or so, I've decided it's time to retire CanonWars.com.

When it burst upon the stage, it was a bright spot in the geek landscape, and for quite awhile was the #1 Google entry for Star Trek canon.  Extensive original research turned CanonWars into the go-to site for in-depth information regarding the canons of Star Wars and Star Trek both.

Originally, I was going to use CanonWars as a place to house topics on other interests of mine (politics, religion, et cetera), but that never materialized, in part due to the old security concerns from the days of the Talifan and whatnot ... so I write elsewhere for that sort of thing.

Thus, although CanonWars has basically languished as a repository for the now-antiquated Star Trek and Star Wars canon policy discussions, the simple fact is that it was a success, as the information contained here was indeed popularized, spreading into the world and taking root.   The Star Wars canon writings and research were all ganked by Wikipedia, with nary an attribution. The same is true of the Star Trek canon information.

Thus, to a large degree, the unique research that I brought to the attention of the world . . . digging up old quotes, locating old remembered snippets, covering new quotes, giving examples  . . . became part of the popular knowledge on the topic.  That's a win.

At this point, though, CanonWars is near the bottom of the first Google page for Star Trek canon (which is still huge, but still).  And, after the Disney announcement a few months ago, I don't even know where it is for Star Wars canon, since sites with way bigger traffic have been talking about it, too.    In any case, let's face it . . . (1) the information is old and (2) I don't have time to devote to this site and (3) it isn't like I have ads on here so it really doesn't matter how popular it is except for bragging rights.

Maintaining the site isn't that expensive or anything, but it is sort of pointless now.  There's still plenty of minutiae to talk about but I don't need a full-fledged separate site for that.  


Current and further Star Trek canon pages and discussion will transition over to ST-v-SW.Net, the original home for such things.  
Current and further Star Wars canon discussion will transition over to NoLettersHome.Info, my Star Wars tech fansite.

However, the concept of CanonWars itself is something that, I think, needs to live on elsewhere.   As such, I will soon be making a free wiki site available to the public so that every person can contribute on every canon.   Just the other day, for instance, I was curious about Babylon 5 canon and, frankly, couldn't find a damned thing.   I think a central clearinghouse for such things would be of great benefit to the community.

So, watch this space for further news.


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