Though other matters have precluded much expansion of CanonWars beyond the original materials from ST-v-SW.Net, those are indeed coming. Eventually.

But in the meantime, I've updated the main Star Wars canon page with the December 2006 info from Chee, and I've also created two different condensed versions of the page as I've long wanted to do.

After all, the main SW canon overview weighs in at 130k or so, and simple copy-paste of the text into Windows Wordpad has it coming in at 25 single-spaced pages. It's a whopper to say the least.

The new condensed version cuts a little closer to the meat of the issue, and weighs in at 50k. It's less complete, but is still a quite thorough look at things. Wordpad has it coming in at less than 10 single-spaced pages, which is a vast improvement.

There's also an ultra-condensed version, which (given my obvious verbosity) is almost painfully short, to me. It weighs in at 20k and Wordpad shows it as just 4 pages long.

That's only a page longer than the first quickie scarcely-a-quote-on-it version of my EU canonicity page from 2002. Given the use of quotes on the ultra-condensed version plus the intervening four-and-a-half years of events and details that have surfaced, you can imagine the brevity involved.

Enjoy! And if you think anything's just missing too much in the shorter versions, let me know.


Catching Up: Backstage Info

I've got quite a backlog of old links and errata that I've wanted to address on CanonWars, but never have gotten around to.

One thing is this post from TheForce.Net, wherein we hear second-hand that the Dooku rationale of creating an Empire of Man and whatnot came from Lucas.

This ties in a bit with something I've always said. See, I find the use of backstage info tricky at best when it comes to analyzing canon. The above ties in because the whole Empire of Man bit is one of those things where pro-Empire types have said that was just Stover interjecting his own ideas, while folks who viewed the Empire as evil said it made sense and was probably part of it.

The problem, of course, is that if it weren't for some second-hand report off some random dude that happened to get 15 minutes of internet fame, we wouldn't know either way. So the issue, instead of being properly treated as canon, would have this air of question and debate about it . . . which of course is what the pro-Empire types were hoping for.