Viacom Split

From the "oh, great, 'cause that wasn't complicated enough already" department, and according to TrekToday:

Viacom Inc., the entertainment giant that owns all aspects of Star Trek from Paramount Pictures films, UPN television episodes, Paramount DVD releases and Pocket Books novels, is dividing into two separately traded companies [...] which will create CBS Corp. as a separate entity. The new company will include both the CBS and UPN television networks, the television stations now owned by Viacom, CBS and Paramount TV production and book publisher Simon & Schuster, as well as cable network Showtime, Infinity Broadcasting radio and Paramount Parks. Viacom Inc. will control Paramount Pictures, Paramount Home Entertainment, MTV Networks, BET and Famous Music.


*snort* (chuckle)

From the TFN thread "Is My Jar-Jar Coloring Book Canon?"

"I wonder if the goings on inside my morning bowl of Episode III cereal are canon. Just this morning The Darth Vader head soggily became one with the c3po head in a sugary transmogrification. Can I gleen from this that Darth Vader's suit actually contains pieces of c3po...because, according to my bowl of cereal, that is indeed the case"
- 'wcleere', TheForce.Net forums


They're baaaack . . .

Here is a link to the new (and improved?) VIP thread at StarWars.com . . . the old one, of course, was the source of many of the statements from Sue Rostoni of LLP, Leland Chee of LL, and others involved mostly with the EU.

It's bound to be an interesting read, especially if "Darth Talas" jumps in with some more leading questions. translation:  Wayne, you freak, leave Rostoni alone.