CanonWars Facebook Exodus

I never did much with the CanonWars Facebook . . . indeed, this might be the first time you've heard of it . . . but I'm closing it off, too, just so I have less to deal with.

However, I did make a couple of posts there, here re-posted, from April 26 . . . circa the Disney announcement:
While there will be some diehard EU-philes who will never return to Star Wars with the recent announcement, the simple fact is that this was the best creative *and* business decision they could make. Henceforth, I'd wager that *more* people will buy stuff. It was pointless when it was complicated, self-contradictory, and not even canon anyway. Now, though, the fresh start means that people can get into it much more easily. I certainly will be buying. 
My only problem will come with stuff like games and comics. I really have no interest in games and I haven't read a comic since I was like ten. If important canon facts come in those forms then they're really up-nerding Star Wars, which will carry it a bit past some of the potential demographic.
I do kinda worry about one thing. I mean, if Chewie's death in a book prompted death threats, and if the Karen Traviss thing prompted all that nonsense, and if they were even going after Pablo Hidalgo at one point, this news has the capacity to really bring the freaks out with sniper rifles.
Happily, I've heard no reports to that effect as of yet.