Filoni on CW CGI canon and EU

I don't know how the guy asked the question if he can't spell the word, but nonetheless here's the GenreOnline.Net interview with Dave Filoni, in which the interviewer inquires about the canon status of the CGI series:

Rivera: Fine thank you. I have a question with regard to the storyline and with regard to the new series and the previous series. I noticed while looking through the press materials as well as some of the episodes that there have been some slight changes and I’d like to know is this new series considered cannon for Star Wars fans or is it more expanded universe and does it counteract the previous series or does the previous series still count or is it open to whatever you and George decide?

Filoni: You know one of the biggest debates in Star Wars is what counts? You know the idea of what is cannon and you know when I talked to George, I know George always considers his movies cannon yet as a fan I bring him a lot of information that is expanded universe and I get that information to see how he wants me to use it or review it. There is never an implicit connection between the micro-series Cartoon Network did previously and the series we’re doing now, but I’ll try and add little touches and things that I know the fans, who are well versed in that expanded universe will know and understand that this event is taking place kind of along side this. We’re trying to make what we can from the expanded universe really jell and I certainly never think of it as discrediting any of the other material. It’s just that you know, “it’s from a different point of view” and a different look at the war and take on the war. It’s an ever-expanding universe in a lot of ways.

Take it as you will. The basic idea I get from it, in concert with what Lucas has said, is that the series is canon, but will have as many nods to the EU as the EU-philes making it can get George to accept and use. Filoni in the last part seems to suggest that he considers it a sort of third way between the film canon and EU, but that's not the impression I've gotten from the statements of Lucas.

The getting-George-to-allow-EU-stuff scenario isn't terribly different than the scenario with the RotS novelization, so we'll see how it goes. So far, so good.

(Hat tip: TheForce.Net)


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I would be thrilled to hear that tCW was not canon. It's not that I won't enjoy it, but as far as my view of the SW universe goes, I'd rather depend on the books than a TV show.
- izi

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